Vals - Zervreila


The original is in Graubünden, s'Hora! Best Vals quartzite with beautiful lines. From easy to long, from short to difficult, there is a suitable route for everyone.
We are happy to take you to one of the last paradises where the beauty of nature and the originality are still intact. In addition to the original line of NE ridge 5b (10 sl.), Possible destinations include routes such as Medea 6c (10 sl.), Flag route, Nanouk, Braveheart, Cleopatra, Katharsis, Océano naranjo, Atacama etc.

Starting CHF 750.00 1 - 2 persons


14th august 2024, Zervreilahorn NE-ridge » book
8th september 2024, Zervreilahorn - NE-ridge » book
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