Heliski - Hüfi - Clariden


Heliski Hüfi - Linthal

The flight itself is a wonderful experience. You enjoy the silence of the mountains and the winter panorama.
In front of you are untouched deep snow slopes that dreamily await you.
Be the first to trace a trail - who doesn't dream of it?

Flight to the Hüfi / Claridenfirn
Deep snow descent to Linthal / Tierfehd (approx. 2 hours)
including connecting flight Hüfi- / Claridenfirn.
Second descent into Val Russein (2-3 hours)
Group size: from 1 - 4 people.
A taxi takes us to the starting point / heliport.

CHF 2400.- (for 1 - 4 participants)
without connecting flight CHF 1800.- (with 1 - 4 participants)

Departure point Helibasis Tavanasa

Arrival individually, PW or taxi

Departure in the winter season: daily in good weather conditions and enough registrations from 7.30 a.m. to around 10 a.m.

Requirements: good skier. Alpine knowledge is an advantage (snowboarders only in special conditions - spring)!

Starting CHF 2210.00 All prices include VAT

from 1 - 4 people

Transfer back by taxi (Russein-Tavanasa)

excl. avalanche transceiver (LVS)
If there are not enough people, we will help you find other participants.


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