Crystal search Cuolm da Vi - Lai Alv


Who has not once dreamed of finding a real rock crystal!
Together with a blaster, you will be introduced to the art of "blasting". It is important and crucial to have a trained eye and a lot of knowledge about the occurrence and geology of the rock. The blasters explain the formation, the occurrence as well as the procedure of blasting. You should not expect to find crystals just like that, because they are well hidden, enclosed in the rock and formed millions of years ago.

Equipped with a chisel and a blasting stick, we go on a hike to the sites and crevices. With the help of the spotlights, we find small crystal points in the old fissures and on the quartz veins in the rock.
If you look well, you will find....

Meeting place: will be announced at registration
Course duration: 4 hour course - 9:00 - 13:00
Age: from 8 years
Cost: CHF 34/person

Course for groups of 16 or more
For smaller groups or 26 or more people, we will make you a suitable offer.

Equipment: Good shoes (over the ankle), robust clothing suitable for the weather (long trousers), food from the rucksack.

Starting CHF 35.00 including guide and tools

incl. mountain cableway return


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