Training week Furka


The ideal week for newcomers to climbing tours.
This week you will learn the basic terms of alpine mountaineering.
From the right walking in pathless terrain, rope and safety techniques, climbing techniques in rock and ice. To go safely with crampons in the firn and over bones.
Our goal is for you to acquire the basic knowledge for independent alpine tours this week.

Brief description:
Monday: arrival and rock formation at Sidelenbach.
Tuesday: Rock formation around the Sidelen hut, turtle ridge or the like. Wednesday: Ice training: walking with crampons, dealing with pimples, walking on a rope, anchoring and column rescue. Thursday: Alpine tour to the Galenstock via the SE spur. Friday: Climbing at the "Hannibal Tower".

Starting CHF 1290.00 incl. 5 days management by dipl. Mountain guides
incl. overnight stay in hut and half board excl. transport


12th - 15th august 2024, Furka/ Sidelen » book
21st - 24th september 2024, Göschneneralptal » book
Alpventura GmbH
Via Alpsu 20
CH-7180 Disentis / Mustér