Piz Terri


Black rock, white ice and the blue of the glacial lake at the foot of the Piz Terri. The mountain is made of black Graubünden slate, which weathered quickly and left large scree slopes at the foot of the mountain. Father Placidus a Spescha succeeded in climbing Piz Terri for the first time and solo climbing with leather shoes, hemp knit and hand-made crampons. Because his companion was afraid and dizzy, he had to walk the last few meters to the summit ...

Requirements: Medium condition for approx. 4-6 hrs. to run. Technology easy.
Route: Val Sumvitg -Plaun Tegia nova - Terrihütte - Val Canal - Piz Terri - Motterascio - Valle diGarzora - Luzzone reservoir

Starting CHF 350.00 incl. mountain guide, overnight stay in a hut and half board
excl. transports, any rental equipment
Execution from 5 people


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